Richard is online!

Over the years I’ve had various interviews and conference presentations that have ended up online. I’m putting the bare links here — and the plan is to make my own versions, divided into meaningful units (granularity) to support navigation, citation and annotation.

Video: 1) Tibetan Library, Feb 2016

2) Film Preservation Workshop, Pune, Feb-March 2015

3) MIT Media Seminar my presentation starts 30:50 in and runs for 10 minutes. Press play, wait for start-up, then click on the “00:30:50” link.

4) PrestoCentre Webinar ; with Tom Heritage and Jacqui Gupta

5) SpokenWord project, Glasgow Caledonian University is no more, so no BBC online content, no blogs, no podcasts — and no video;

Audio: Guardian podcast: mainly Adrian Williams introducing the physical archive until 17 minutes in, though I have a brief piece at 4:45-6:30; then me again 17.05-24:05 talking about efficient digitisation —  and then it gets more interesting: Roly Keating, Director of Archive Content talking on opening up the archive to the public.

Text: Digital Curation Centre interview, from way back in 2004.

Information and Consultancy on Audiovisual Preservation