Information about Richard Wright

Currently: Independent consultant on audiovisual preservation and access
Previously: Archive Preservation, BBC Research and Development, 2007-2011
Archive Technology Manager, BBC Information & Archives, 1994-2007

International work:

  • Advisor to Institut National de l’Audiovisuel for PrestoCentre (audiovisual preservation advisory centre)
  • International Federation of Television Archives – Preservation and Migration Commission
  • International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives – Technical Commission writing guideline TC-06 on video preservation
  • Also formal advisory status for:
    • the US American Archives project (for preservation of public broadcasting archives)
    • the US National Archives and Records Administration audiovisual preservation project
    • WGBH (Boston, MA USA) project on open source digital asset management
    • Dublin City University and Moving Media project: Metalabs
    • iPRES annual international digital preservation conferences
    • Digital Preservation Coalition (awards committee)
    • IDCC annual international digital curation conferences
    • Tate Galleries
    • British Library
  • BBC project manager on EC project PrestoPRIME (from Jan 2009; 42 months, 15 partners; €15M budget); audiovisual digital preservation
  • BBC project manager on EC project PrestoSpace (from Feb 2004; 48 months, 37 partners; €19M budget); audiovisual preservation technology for Europe
  • Head of European Broadcasting Union panel ong Future Radio Archives (2000-2002)
  • Overall Project Manager for EC-sponsored project PRESTO – efficient preservation technology: the preservation factory
  • Member of EC(Delos)/NSF Working Group on Spoken Word Archives (2001-2002)
  • Member of Advisory Committee for “TRECVID” = annual international video retrieval evaluation exercise (host: US National Institute of Standards and Technology) (2002-2008)
  • UK academic work (for JISC = Joint Information Systems Committee); Advisor to JISC Digitisation Programme
  • Represented BBC on JISC/NSF project Spoken Word (with Glasgow Caledonian, Northwestern and Michigan State Universities; 2003-2008)

Citizenship: US and UK
Residence: lived and worked in London since October 1974; born and raised in USA (1946 to 1974)
Education: Michigan State University BSc Engineering Science 1967
University of Michigan MA Computer Science 1972
Southampton University PhD in Digital Signal Processing (Speech Synthesis) 1988

Previous employment:
– Worked in acoustics, speech and signal processing for US and UK Government research laboratories (1968-76)
– University College London (1976-80; Research Fellow)
– Royal National Institute for the Deaf (1980-90; Senior Scientist)
– Chief Designer, Cirrus Research 1990-94 (acoustical and audiometric instrumentation)

Major recent publications:

– Video conservation and restoration, a chapter in Balkan’s Memory Guide of Good Practices; Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA)

– PrestoCentre Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (about audiovisual preservation): now available on this website 
– PrestoCentre blogs:
– PrestoCentre webinar: Digitisation and Digital Preservation Challenges at the BBC
– Wright, Richard and Jordan, David (2011) Broadcasting the Archive . In: Virtual Goods conference, Barcelona September 2011
– Deliverable D7.1.5 Annaul Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 3 (author) Jan 2012; the series of annual status reports is on this website.
– Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch: Preserving Moving Pictures and Sound
– Wright, R D, (2011a) Issues of Scale and Storage in Digital Preservation, in Munshi, Usha Mujoo and Chaudhuri, Bidyut Baran (Eds) Multimedia Information Extraction and Digital Heritage Preservation, Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research, Vol 10, Singapore, World Scientific
– Wright, R D, (2011b), The Real McCoy: What Audiovisual Collections Preserve, in de Jong, Annemieke (Ed), Zorgen Voor Onzichtbare Assets Hilversum, B&G
– SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, January/February 2011 “Digital Preservation Strategies: The Cost of Risk of Loss” Addis, Weerakkody, Wright (journal version of IBC 2010 paper)
PrestoPRIME deliverables 2011:

  • Deliverable D2.1.3 AV Data Model: Final Specification (contributor and editor) Feb 2011
  • Deliverable D2.2.3 Use of Preservation Metadata in a Digital Library (co-author) Jan 2011
  • Deliverable D7.1.4 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 2 (author) Feb 2011

– 100 Million Hours of Audiovisual Content: Digital Preservation and Access in the PrestoPRIME Project Addis, M., Boch, L., Allasia, W., Gallo, F., Bailer, W. and Wright, R. In: First International Digital Preservation Interoperability Framework (DPIF) Symposium, April 21-23, 2010, Dresden, Germany. (In Press)
– PrestoPRIME D7.1.3 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report Author : Richard Wright (BBC) – Published on 25/01/2010
– PrestoPRIME D2.1.1 Audiovisual preservation strategies, data models and value-chains Authors : Matthew Addis (IT Innovation Centre) and Richard Wright (BBC) – Published on 11/02/2010

BBC R&D Blogs:

  • The Value of Everything – 16 June 2010
  • Intimations of the Archive – 8 August 2010
  • Two Miracles in Three Minutes 28 Sept 2010
  • Can BBC R&D save the world’s audiovisual heritage? – 1 February 2011

– The Significance of Storage in the “Cost of Risk” of Digital Preservation; Richard Wright, Ant Miller, BBC Research and Development, London, Matthew Addis, IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton The International Journal of Digital Curation — Issue 3, Volume 4 | 2009


  • Annual Report on Preservation Issues for European Audiovisual Collections (D22.9) Deliverable_22-9_Annual_Report_on_Preservation_Issues_2008 (pdf)
  • Indian Journal: Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research – Vol. 10 Special Number on MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION EXTRACTION AND DIGITAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION edited by Usha Mujoo Munshi (Indian Institute of Public Administration, India) & Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri (Indian Statistical Institute, India “Issues of Scale and Storage in Digital Preservation — Richard Wright BBC Research and Innovation”
  • Preservation of Digital Audiovisual Content — Richard Wright, BBC Research & Innovation Available in eight languages:
  • Digital Preservation Policies Study, Neil Beagrie with co-authors Najla Rettberg, Peter Williams, and Richard Wright (Joint Information Systems Committee 2008).



Information and Consultancy on Audiovisual Preservation