audiovisual archive digitisation and preservation

If you have responsibility for audio, video and film holdings and want help — contact me! I’m happy to give free informal advice, and I’m happy to undertake consultancy tasks at very reasonable rates. Email

  • 25 years of experience in audiovisual archiving, digitisation and preservation;
  • a digital signal processing engineer with a PhD from the University of Southampton;
  • started the Presto series of projects in 1999: Presto, PrestoSpace, PrestoPRIME (which launched the PrestoCentre) — and recently (2013-2014) Presto4U;
  • created the Preservation Guide wiki; and
  • many presentations and publications promoting audiovisual preservation.  Online presentations in Slideshare here: including a two-day course in audiovisual preservation

My annual reports on audiovisual matters are also all now on this site here — along with links to recent PrestoCentre and EUScreen annual reports.

A wealth of information on audiovisual preservation is on the PrestoCentre;

To start, I’ve written FAQ answers for the PrestoCentre. These are brief answers to the main questions in audiovisual preservation. They are intended as an introduction to the wealth of information on the PrestoCentre.

 Here is my CV:  online or download

Information and Consultancy on Audiovisual Preservation